How to impress Others on Bisexual Dating Websites

On bisexual dating website, what kinds of photo would increase your marks and leave a good impression on others.

1. Apparently, that photo wearing a hat will reduce others liking by 12%, smiling, and you are likely to increase others’ liking by 14%. Of course, it depends on how you smile, for example, your smile it’s not that comfortable to other. It is very cumbersome and unease, or the teeth are dark, that photo should not be used. Wearing glasses will reduce the probability of being liked by 15%, but there is a situation. If some guys is too far from good looking, put on a glasses. Try to wear a pair of glasses bigger than his faces. Larger glasses can help him cover most of his faces. Hey, that is to say, the glasses may help you earn a like.

2. Full face photos will increase the probability of being liked by 20%. You may think this is stupid, but I believe that on the bisexual dating website, some people are really stupid, for example, someone has a group photo as their avatars. But bisexual women do not know which one is you. Maybe someone is really into you exactly. Although they are all online platforms, we are not on 9gag. Some people take photos from super far sightseeing, we can not see them clearly. If they only occupy one-sixteenth of the whole photo, they should not put this photo on bisexual dating platform, no one wants to hook up with you. Except for one reason, those who really want to be there for a visit. Funny to say, some people take a lovers photo as an avatar, LOL. What does this person want to do on a bisexual dating site?

3. Putting a photo of the penis will reduce the 100% probability of being liked. well, this is what I made up, but I believe this is true because I tried it. Eventually, those good-looking bisexual people would double the probability of being liked. Those good-looking people should have a easy life. Imagine this scene: “ pardon, every body, look at my faces! " “Oh my God, she is so beautiful! Wow, beautiful women." Cheers broke out. Then, the dating is successfully matched.

4. Those bisexuals who choose a super-like on other will increase the success of bi dating, and of course the payment will be pretty costly.

5. When you reply to the same women two or three times, you will be more likely to receive a reply, but I think if it is more than 100 times, this is not easy to say, others may feel very dull, that Will increase the possibility of been complained. It’d better not to be perform like that. Imagine that: "Reply me plz," "I am so crush on you," "What the hell are you doing?" "Do you like origami?"

6. One-third of bisexual dating users are looking for some relationships other than sex, such as soul mate relationship. On the bisexual dating website, what type of relationship you want to build up is up to you, everything is up to you., everything is possible.

7. On the bisexual dating website, the dating peak starts at 5 pm every Sunday , tons of active users hanging up on App. I think it is because those who have not had a successful date on Saturday will turn to Sunday.

8. Nine out of ten bisexual relationship start on dating App.

One out of ten avatars have doge beside.

In short, we can sort out the data to learn that on the bisexual dating platform, which kinds of people are the most attractive and which are the most worst.

The worst bisexual woman: she always put on a photo with glasses and hat, but in fact, we can't see her appearance thoroughly, because the photo was taken from a distance, and then her friends flocked in front of the photo.

The perfect bisexual women: she is called alysa, her face is smiling at you all the time, she often pop on at 17 o'clock on Sunday, she has a lot of news, she is probably the director, or medical staff.

The worst bisexual men: his first photo in album pick up from the Internet, and it was a drag. His songs were usually junk, and there were a lot of grammatical errors on his massages, and his second photo was a back photo.

The perfect men: His name is Thomas, he is a chef. He smiles. He always use “super like” and there may be a dog on his avatar.

However, keep in mind that these are just data, and don't count them too much. Every personality is different. No matter on a bisexual dating website or in reality, it is nothing about you don't call Thomas so that you won't find true love. Be aware that personality preferences are natural, like peppers.

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