How Single Bisexual Women Avoid Embarrassing While Dating Lesbians?

As single bisexual women, we all want to date someone like-minded. In a bisexual world, we seem to be defined to must love two genders. Unlike lesbian, they have specific crush on women. This kind of specificity makes people feel at ease, because they will not turn to a heterosexual relationship trend. But this does not mean that a single bisexual girl must use two genders to comfort herself. Although this phenomenon is very common in the threesomes society, please believe that we can also achieve the specificity of love.

I think people should strictly distinguish sexual relations from love, because sexual desire is uncontrollable, wild, and has the performance of impromptu performance, but love needs long-term flow like stream, it needs companionship, and is not kind of connecting two individuals because of temporary sexual desire. Although there is no lack of hooking up on the dating website, we also open up to talk about this. After all, everyone wants to release themselves in sex and unwilling to be responsible for their sexual pulse. And I admit that, I have had a similar experience. But this does not mean that my bisexuality is purely for sexual desire, because I have been in love many times.

The one that impressed me most was a lesbian woman I met from the bisexual women website. I have strong feeling that time when I was chatting with her. Her photos were also my cup of tee. We hit it off soon. After the online chatting, we decided to meet at the coffee shop. At that time, I was greeted this romance with this tense also excitement.

Why would I be nervous? I believe that smart readers have already understood how people have misunderstood bisexuality at the previous phrase. But I was still worried that we will end up our relationship after we first meet. Because I didn't have the courage to explain the fact that I was actually a bisexual woman.

She was very open when we met up in person, her eyes were bright, I felt my heartbeat was speeding up, I thought that was fanaticism. We chatted in casual way, we talked about reading, traveling and love. She put up smile on her faces often, she was also good-manner, and like online chat, our personalities were totally matched, which makes me felt at ease. But the most important thing was up on this. It is my bisexuality. I decided to be honest with her, whether or not I will be turned off. I think I should be frank.

I took gut and finally said the fact that I was bisexual, but I explained to her that in fact, bisexuality does not necessarily have to be in love with two sexes at the same time, and threesomes do not have to happen in our relationship. What I wanted was a stable relationship. Taking a person beloved seriously mattered. I said, "I admit that I have been hooked up before, but it does not mean love, I want to live together and sharing everything in my life with you." And she moved.

As a bisexual, I feel that the most important attitude of love is a long-term and stable relationship. You must share your lifetime with the half one, erase misunderstandings, and do not live in confusion and sorrow.

It is true that she is a woman with a unique independent and open personality. She finally accepted my bisexuality, and we lived together in the follow-up without any worry. Obviously we have established a relationship of trust from the very beginning. This trust is crucial for couples.

So, if you start to date a lesbian women, you must say open up your bisexuality. If you are rejected, it means that the person really does not want to build a relationship with people of our orientation. If accepted, it means she really understands us. We can get well along in such trusting condition.

At the end, I hope every bisexual women finds a love that truly belongs to them.

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