Wrong Examples of Bisexual Dating Men and Women

Since I made a dating video app, the staff of BicuPid contacted me. They must thought that this guy was definitely the core of our dating platform, and he is attractive and handsome. No, I'm not! Just kidding, this is definitely not true. they just contacted me and gave me some dating tips and videos about how to date bisexual women. It's a very hurtful thing, they mainly showed me an official report, it's about how to become the most popular one of such as those popular avatars.

1. Instagram Daren:According to statistics, six sorts of bisexual men and bisexual women like to hook up on BicuPid, Instagram Daren, they only send photos of themselves in the coolest place in the world in their album, if he holds something in his hand, then he must be the spokesperson for a product.

2. Sex addicts: Such bisexuality have no time to swear, they just want to devote themselves to having sex as soon as possible. The photos in them are usually in naked. "Don't do that, plz don't mess around, or your dating account will be blocked, you know that will drive you crazy."

3. Terrible actors: On bisexual dating website, they pretend to be very relaxed, but he is uncomfortable all the time. When he start to talk, than he said: "Hello, madam, I am 34, I'm going to be my Daniel, you?"

4. The glue pot: Even at daytime, this guy insist on sending you home, but this has already made you feel suffocated. He thought it was graceful: "Do you want to go to the rest room, may I keep the door? It doesn't matter. I can keep that for hours." Then he waits by the toilet and doesn't move around. What hanging around in his mind is that :" Is I going to send her a 16th text message. "

5. Married men or married bisexual couples: One thing you should note that the bisexual dating website is full of married and unfaithful men. If you meet such a person, he will say:" Listen, I am serious about telling you now, I think we are too hit it off. Why are we getting married?" Imagine that, then he look at the ring on his ring finger, and then take the ring off and send it to you: " Will you marry me? I take a 'super like' for you." This kind of person is really funny.

6. Pessimistic bisexuals: He knows more about what you need than yourself, he is really careful and considerate. At the same time he is male chauvinism and pessimistic. For such a bisexual personality, if you cater to him a little bit, he will be happy all day long, and his pride will burn a whole grassland. If you turn him down, he would say: " Oh, you don't like me, then you don't know much about your taste. It's too funny. "

There are also some kinds of bisexual woman:

1. Super busy bisexual women: This woman can completely ruin the atmosphere of the first meeting. When she called:" Of course, I'm super expecting we can meet up. if you want, I have ten minutes spare time after four months (checking her calendar), we could smoke a cigarette, but not a 100s, I have no time."

2. Super lazy bisexual women: She has no courage at all, she date you again and again, but never show up, you never get to her, and you call her:" hi, Julia, do you remember our date?" " Of course, I really expect it." " But you aren't..." and she say: " Don't worried, it's doesn't matter." " But you are not here, it's the problem, Uh."

3. Swindler: They are bisexual women dating site that come to a new city. She wants to make some friends and, by the way, look for friends who can provide shelter and work. " Ok, What kind of relationship are you looking for ? " " Oh, may a little 20mē in 8th district." Wait, what the hell are you doing?

4. Bisexual women who is just in lovelorn but did not get out of the shadows: She has never dated on a bisexual website and your behaviors haunt her from the past, the shadow of her ex-boyfriend in every your details, such as: "It's so funny, your smile reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, If you don't mind, please wear the mask, of him. " She has a plastic mask in hand. Then you put on a mask, and she would say: "Wow, you are cute in that way."

5. Replies with one syllable: This person can reply to all of your words with a single syllable, but in fact, she is very happy to be with you.

6. Super narcissistic bisexual women: This kind of person is to about discuss herself. Nothing is more interesting than her life. It even makes you feel that you are interviewing her when you are on dating. She is talking a lot about herself, you just have to listen and smile. She discuss his family all the time, it is kind of a copy of Kardashian.

In short, there are people on the bisexual dating website, looking for the one you can get well with, that is the real romance.

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